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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Check Out The Replay! Below!

In this series, we are doing something we have never done before... 
Over the next two weeks will be releasing a full-blown affiliate marketing courseWe will post the webinar replays below, along with each of the individual training modules. 

You will have access to ALL the training while the Bootcamp is live. Once the live training is over, it will be removed in this page and put into our personal coaching program, Traffic Tsunami.
The Accelerator Webinar Replay!

Offer Expires at 11:59pm PST 9/15/2022

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Dan's Secret Affiliate Files

Here is the Secret Affiliate Files Google Document Dan created live on the webinar! It has keyword information, "clickbait" power phrases, and a TON of buyer insight on affiliate money getting! You can apply it to launch jacking and billions more affiliate keyword!

What's In This Training?

0:01 - The most extraordinary display of success I've ever witnessed in my 20+ year online marketing career?

8:27 - The "first getting started with success" method explained.

17:58 - Affiliate brand research explained

29:18 - Affiliate sales funnel breakdown
42:20 - Dan fills in his Secret Affiliate Files with key keyword and conversion data (Dan's Secret Affiliate Files are linked to, below in a 1-page PDF for you to download!)

58:20 - How Dan uses the wayback machine for Affiliate data

1:12:20 - Q'n'A!

More Amazing Affiliate Week Webinar Trainings...

How To Build A Funnel And Email List 

Dan and Joe show you how not only build your email list, but how to build a Funnel and Facebook group that helps turn those leads into actual paying customers 

Finding Affiliate Products And Launch Jacking 

Dan and Joe show you the hidden art of launch jacking and Joe made over 100k off of launch jacking one Clickbank product! They also show were to find the highest paying and often hidden affiliate offers! 
What To Expect & New Updates!

What Make This Different? Webinar Replay!!!

Video Date: Thursday (9/15/22)

A Fantastic Discussion About The Accelerator Program! 

Take A Walk Down The Path To Success!

Video Date: Wednesday (9/14/22)

Learn What The Next 12 Months Of Your Business Looks Like!

He Could Not Pay His Water Bill Until This Happened…

Video Date: Monday (9/12/22)

Meet Your Tour Guide!

In this thirty-three-minute interview watch as Liz talks to Joshua Fletcher also known as "Fletch," about his lowest point in life. You'll learn how he couldn't pay his water bill and had hit rock bottom only to make a comeback for the ages.

His success was all thanks to Greg's proven system for generating leads via SEO and Fletch's insatiable desire to prevail.

Fletch not only began to thrive but he dragged himself into the winner's circle. You'll also learn how he's had a tremendous amount of success helping others achieve their dreams. All thanks to his ability to share his knowledge with others and remove common problems that get in their way.

Get A "FREE TICKET" To The Value Packed Accelerator Live Event!

Video Date: Sunday (9/12/22)


Joe Marfoglio explains the upcoming live event and why it is so much different than the standard "pitch" style event. Get ready for a pure value approach to the event and learn how you can claim your FREE TICKET to this special non-disclosure high-value event!
What's Included?

The "ALL NEW" Accelerator Road Map!

Derived from the failures and experience of Greg, Joe, Dan, and Josh, the Accelerator Road Map is designed to weave the best SEO money-getting methods into the best SEO business-building methods, giving a all the tools needed at the time you need them. No more wondering what the next growth step is; the road map walks you through the process hand in hand. 

Gregs SE0 Bible 2.0 (The New Testament)

Greg went back to the drawing board and not only updated the training for 2022, but reworked the training structure to be easier to understand and more actionable than ever. This is the key to ranking anything you want reliably and effectively. 

Mike Merlino's GMB Magic!

Like magic pixie dust spread across the land, Mike Merlino's GMB methods turn dull red, orange, and yellow map pins into lush shades of green faster and more reliable than anyone else out there. He has been helping the guys in their 7 figure agency, and the results are outstanding. This is vital for local clients and getting the phone to ring! 

Live Webinars Every Month With Fletch and Co!

Join Fletch as your tour guide as you journey through the roadmap and achieve specific and meaningful milestones along the way. These webinars are the perfect place to get eyes on your most burning questions and have Fletch, Merlino, Tim, Greg, Joe, Dan, or Josh (and other special guests) answer them so you can get right back to the business building. 

The Accelerator Community

The accelerator community is HUUUGE part of your business success. A group of hyper-focused like-minded people all working to achieve the highest level of success by asking questions, sharing insights, and celebrating wins are like rocket fuel to your mindset and business growth. All 7 figure business owners network with people at their level and beyond their level to grow. This community serves as that network. 

The Agency Engine Software!

There are many tools you need to run your business, but the core foundational tools are often the most money and most complex to integrate. Agency Engine is a fully integrated sales and marketing suite designed to make the most vital parts of your business function smoothly without getting bogged down in technical nightmares and integration glitches. 

Kosta's One Of A Kind QGP 3.0 

Greg and Kosta have designed and revised the premier SEO ranking tool that leverages over 47,000 websites allowing you to drive massive SEO ranking results with the push of a button. This tool almost single-handedly drives the rankings for Greg, Joe, Dan's, and Josh's 7 figure agency and is responsible for 10's of millions of dollars in SEO ranking value to the people who use it. 

The New Click Up 3.0 Template

Instantly organize your fulfillment process with the new click-up 3.0 template for agency fulfillment; this template lays out the specific tasks needed for each client you take on and allows you to manage the process with ease. Leveraging simple automation and flexible template structure, your business will have the backbone for long-term success!

All New Sales Training and Proposal Deck

Selling is arguably the most vital part of business growth; nothing else moves without a sale. Our new sales process takes the selling out of sales and allows even the most introverted person to succeed on a client call. This process is integrated and supported by a fresh new presentation deck that does the selling for you! 

Proven Markenting Templates

Get access to our proven marketing templates, automations, and website templates. This allows you to make one click and have a prebuilt framework added to your agency engine, CF 2.0, or wordpress account. Get the templates and the training on how we use them to drive new sales in our businesses. 

Live Accelerator Event Ticket! (first 100 only)

Going back to the original format, we will be holding a LIVE in-person NDA (non-disclosure agreement) accelerator event with special guests and tactical business growth-focused content. You will not find a more informative and growth-focused event in the SEO money-getting world. This is a NO PITCH event with one exception, if you are ready to join the Forge Master Mind, the doors will be open. 
Your Coaches

Greg Morison

Joe Marfoglio

Dan Anton

Josh Beechraft

Mike Merlino

Joshua "Fletch" Fletcher

Tim Schmidt

Special Guests

Past Student Success
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