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Want To Know How To Build Websites That Can Get Results Like This?

(This is data from current live affiliate websites being managed by Greg, one of your hosts for the masterclass)

Being able to create websites that generate income like this is incredibly powerful. Not only could you build your own sites, but businesses are seeking experts to help them turn their websites into money making machines! 

*We have to add the disclaimer here, these are Greg’s results, not everyone will get results like these and results will vary depending on many factors such as the niche you are in. But it does show what is possible.

REVEALED: Most of the SEO industry couldn’t rank a website if their agency depended on it…

The sad fact is, their agencies don’t depend on getting results for clients. Instead they sell hard and fast upfront, locking people into year-long retainers with the knowledge that those clients will disappear after 12 months. Rinse and repeat.

Why? Because SEO is valuable but it’s also constantly evolving and much more sophisticated than when it first hit the scene decades ago. Most of those so-called experts and agencies are using outdated models but too greedy to let go of the revenue and not interested in doing the work to become world-class.
When you’re following their training or advice it’s no wonder your SEO strategies never get any traction… leaving you without a way to direct new potential customers towards your business.

This really is a case of it’s not you, it’s them.

The few true SEO experts have endless earning potential, and with the right support almost anyone can join their ranks, even if you don’t know a thing about SEO right now




One of the biggest reasons it’s so hard to learn SEO alone is because you’re drowning in all the misinformation, conflicting advice, out-of-date tactics, and trying to create a strategy from the alphabet soup of bad training out there is nearly impossible.

You need the right support, guidance, and training — from the right people.

Grab an opportunity like that and you can overcome the obstacles sabotaging your SEO success. Leverage the lucrative power of search engine strategy to drive traffic, rank on Google, profit from affiliate marketing, sell your own products or services, work as an in-demand SEO consultant, and even add SEO services to your agency — the right way that actually gets results.


Drive consistent traffic that transforms any website into a money-making asset so you can join the Great Resignation in 2022

By overcoming the obstacles in your way with SEO

In just 4 hours, you’ll discover the fastest way to master SEO and turn your expertise into multiple revenue streams, even if you’re starting with zero experience. It’s the ideal way to start your own business and escape your 9-5.
After 12 years, we’ve seen the biggest stumbling blocks that stop people from leveraging the power of search engine strategies. Getting started is vital because once you master SEO the return on investment is infinite. 

With SEO skills you can:

  • Become an SEO consultant or freelancer for businesses
  • Add SEO as an existing revenue stream to digital agency
  • ​Create high-ranking websites and selling them as an asset
  • ​Drive consistent traffic to sell your products/services online
  • ​Build an audience and platform to capitalize on through publishing and production deals with traditional and new media 
  • ​Bring attention to your work as a speaker, thought leader, or entrepreneur
  • ​Start a flexible side hustle that lets you bring in some extra money when you choose
  • ​Rank your own niche websites for affiliate marketing
  • ​And more…
Thursday, Sept. 29th 2-6 pm PT /5-9 pm ET

However you want to work — SEO can support your business and career.

Understanding how to drive consistent traffic (without tricks, gimmicks, or shady tactics) will give you a career-boosting skill set that provides more power over your finances and the ability to get your work seen, especially if you’re part of a group that’s been historically ignored by traditional press and media.

Because Results Matter…

John Victoria

Scott Shaff

Coel Wilson

Sean Drayton

Preston Martelly

James Cluster

Bolton Alford

Mohamadi Tapsoba

Mike Amatulli

But if the SEO industry is as shady as we say, why should you trust us?

At Traffic Hacks, we’re still on the ground, doing the work, every day. Why? We teach the exact same strategies that we use ourselves. We rank 1000s of our own sites — and have done for years — alongside the high-level SEO services, training, and consulting we offer.

Too much training is all theory, no practice. We’re the complete opposite — our insights, techniques, tactics, and strategies all come straight from intensive research and experiments we’ve conducted over the past 12 years.

Today, we’re still testing, optimizing, and working on live SEO projects to ensure we get world-class results for our clients, our training participants, and ourselves.

And we can prove it.
The thing that makes us different is transparency. We pull back the curtain and show you what’s happening backstage so you see every detail — because we don’t have anything to hide, and there are so many opportunities out there for people who excel at SEO that giving you the real scoop benefits everyone.
We’ve publicly announced our plans to create a niche site that ranks in every major city… and then achieved it while our audience were along for the ride.

Over-the-shoulder training videos — that show everything — give our training clients the experience of being in the room with us while we work.

We love SEO.

Not because of what it is — but because of what it’s allowed us to do.
SEO has given us the freedom not to work for a boss. The ability to recover after losing everything in the infamous ‘08 crash. The chance to step up and support our families.

To us, SEO is fun, creative, a puzzle that we work until we win. And we can show you how to smash the stumbling blocks in your way and start your own successful business. None of us were born SEO experts — but to become one you have to be willing to get started.

And the great thing is that you can take a shortcut by tapping into our decades of collective experience. We know you have what it takes to succeed with SEO — all you need is the right guidance.

So, let us introduce ourselves…

Your Masterclass Hosts


Dan Anton

I’ve created multiple 7-figure digital marketing agencies while traveling the world. Prior to that I served 2 combat tours as an Army Ranger Major 


I’ve built around 100 profitable websites from the ground up. I’ve had one product do over $50m in revenue. I’ve earned in the 8 figures in net income and my best current live site earns over a million dollars a year!

Joe Marfoglio

Winner of an 8-Figure Club Award from Clickfunnels, meaning I made over $10m through one funnel! Winner of multiple 2-comma club awards for earning $1m through a single funnel.
And I launched a business with $10k and sold it for over $2million, just 4 years later!

We’ve Even Won Business Awards 🏆

(Several In Fact)

Here you can see Joe collecting a 2 Comma Club Award for one of his businesses

Just in case you haven’t seen the 2 comma club awards before, these awards are for people who have generated over $1m through a single marketing funnel. 

Joe also has a 2 Comma Club X Award - Which is what you get when you generate over $10m through one funnel!

We really only show you things like this to show that we know what we are doing. And although our awards are fun for us, really what brings us the most joy is the results our students get… check out what others say about working with us below 👇🏻

Stop sabotaging your WFH success, harness the power of SEO, so you can fire your boss and enjoy results like these…

Thursday, Sept. 29th 2-6 pm PT /5-9 pm ET

SEO is the power to put your work
(or your clients) in the spotlight

Whether you use it for yourself, for clients, or for both, it provides the one thing everyone in business wants — attention.

Attention pays.

And in our media saturated world attention pays more than ever.

SEO can be the ticket to building the life you want to lead — but you have to get started. We’ll show you how to shake off the things holding you back right now, complete with real examples so you can set yourself up for success with SEO.

Even if SEO hasn’t worked for you before or you’ve never tried it.

No matter what kind of business you want to start, SEO can be the fuel that helps it thrive and gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms.

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